• Richard Scott Blog: 29th January 2023

    Last week I finished my daily diary Moleskin note book. It’s the book I write everything in every day from kids to family to banking and I use it to make notes in meetings. I have about 20+ of them from over the years with all my doodles and notes in. They will make a great addition to the Richard Scott Art Foundation Museum one day. I’ll dug them out of storage to take a few pictures for you.

    My daily note books from the beginning

    Monday, I redid the Vinyl for the shop window and ticked off a long list of things to do this week. The main goal this week was to finish off the new Road Work signs that have arrived. The aim was to complete 20. I’ll let you know by Sunday if we did it.

    Ashbey’s Gallery came to collect the artworks for their up and coming Auction. I will send you the link so you can get your hands on a unique Original Richard Scott piece.

    While I was looking through my archived collection in the studio I came across these two pastel pieces I must have done about 20 years ago. I can still vaguely remember doing them.

    I popped in to see the Doctor. I don’t have food poisoning, I have a tummy bug. So she put me on a 2 day strong Antibiotic. I feel better already. She told me to eat apples, but grate it first so it can go brown. When it turns brown it creates pectin which is good for tummy bugs. I vaguely remember it from when the kids were small but have long forgotten it.

    I got stuck into finishing off the last of the “BREAK GLASS BOX” series.

    Break the glass and use the stencil and can to make more art, or leave it as it is.

    Tuesday morning I had a meeting with Chelsy and Marius, the owners of Tamboerswinkel. They stock and sell my wine now. We are going to have a launch soon. Details to follow.

    After that I popped into the shop to cover for Chad as he took a weeks leave. John sent me nice photos of the Hout Bay Gallery Richard Scott shrine.

    John’s Richard Scott shrine

    Then I popped in to see Robin Sprong to work on a merchandise item. You gonna love it.

    My lunch

    After Robin I went to FRAMED to touch up my Ignatius Mark pastel. It had a small mark on it and Ignatius guided me on fixing it. After that I went to ORMS to go sign 2 large 2m+ Candy My Girl prints that are going off to Hermanus and Johannesburg respectively.

    Fixing my Ignatius Marx

    Wednesday, I was back in the studio. I was having coffee on the deck at 6.30am. doing my daily banking and check list and I spotted the photo of Angelina and me in the front of my book.

    My Diary

    The rest of Wednesday was admin and payments as it was payday. So there were lots of emails going back and forth with the auditors.

    Thursday, I was off to the shop again and to see Robin Sprong. He was shooting a HP video on some of the products he prints on. I was called in to do a quick talk and photo shoot. We took the opportunity to shoot my new product while interviewing. I also bumped into Jimmy Law as he was also part of the HP shoot with his framed canvases.

    Meet Simba, he runs the show at Robin Sprong

    After Robin I picked Joanne up and we headed to Bo-Kaap. I booked us into a traditional Bo-Kaap guest house. We were invited to spend the evening with Diago in Bo-Kaap and didn’t want to drive home afterwards. After checking in we popped in to see Danilio as he ordered 2 cushions from me. I made the mistake of saying I was hungary. He whipped up a quick basic pasta called Cabonera.

    In the masters kitchen

    After a quick bite we headed off to Diago. Joanne and I parked the car at the guest house and walked the streets of B0-Kaap to Diago’s. He cooked us a delicious lamb shank and red roman fish.

    Beautiful people and beautiful colours

    We finished off early and headed back to the guest house. It was quite an experience. We woke up early and had a breakfast meeting with Jacques. He is designing Joanne’s Wedding Dress. We treated him to breakfast at the guest house. It was very simple but nice. We had a good laugh with Jacques and also finalized the dress. After breakfast we checked out and headed to Ashbey’s Gallery to check in on a small red painting coming up for auction soon.

    Then off to the shop to meet up with Selwyn to talk Women’s SA Golf Open at Steenberg in March. They want me to get involved again like last year. After that I popped in to see Shaun at Mano’s as I’m redoing the 4 pieces there on Tuesday morning. Photos to follow in next weeks blog. After Shaun, we had a light lunch with Daniel from Carpe Diem Lodge. He is commissioning me to do a piece for his lodge.

    Meet Inga, she runs the show at Ashbey’s Gallery

    After lunch we headed back home exhausted and we just collapsed on the couch and watched some series on Disney.

    Saturday morning was potting around the house and golf driving range and the lunch with Joanne’s brother Paul in Cape Town to celebrate his 50th. He made us lamb roast like my mom and dad used to make it. He even carved it up with an electric carving knife. I didn’t know they still make those. It was a total flash back to like Betamax video days. We all had a great time and headed back home for an early night.

    Sunday, we had our usual Sunday Lunch with all the kids. I tried to make Danilio’s Foccacia bread and I’m getting there. Even something so simple is hard to copy. Danilio is the master. Like art I suppose.

    Before. I forgot to take after pic as it was scoffed so quick.

    Until next week

    r i c h a r d

  • Richard Scott Blog: 22nd January 2023

    Sunday afternoon was great. Joanne and I made 5+ WhatsApp video phone calls to all the family in the UK. Mom and Dad, 2 x sisters, My Uncle Stuart and Tony and Alison Melon. Then it was backgammon where Joanne beat me 4-1 and then foot rub and book time.

    Monday, I did a little Richard Scott ROCKET Coffee machine Instagram post. I am a big fan of ROCKET. I had a meeting with Marisa of Rocket booked for Tuesday. I was testing the Dodocafe coffee Richie brought us back from Mauritius. It was very nice. It was sour as most wet dried coffees go. I got some real admin done and had to be finished by 8.30 as I was going to help Dean get his new tyres at Bob’s tyre shop, Table View Tyres. Bob is the man that has been mentoring Richie with his flying. He even gave me the heads up to buy FOH back in the day. FOH is Richie’s aeroplane I bought him to use to get his commercial pilot’s license. The aeroplane is grounded at the moment as the cylinder head blew a hole and we sent it to Rotax in Johannesburg for evaluation as it will cost me R80 000 to fix. Expensive stuff, but I can see a green Lamborghini in my driveway in about 5 years time.

    My Favorite Coffee Machine

    Chelsea Smyth, popped in for a studio tour with her German friend and his mom. It’s always great to share the Richard Scott empire secrets to the youngsters. They always listen with such fascination because I make it fascinating. They need to walk out of my front door so excited that they tell the world all about Richard Scott. Kind of like my disciples. Hee Hee.

    Meet Chelsea and her friend

    Tuesday I was meant to pop into the shop but I had to get some work done in the studio beforehand. It was really misty.

    Every morning Angelina and I send each other a photo of where ever we are in the world. This was my one Monday morning.

    After that I popped into the shop on my Vespa. It was actually a super busy day. Sometimes I don’t know how I do it. Chad got me to draw the winner of the competition we ran at the POP-UP in Plettenberg back in December. The winner was Sebastian.

    Candy Tammy Print. Available at my Online Shop.
    Chad an I with the Plettenberg Bay POP-UP print

    Joanne picked me up at the shop and I left the Vespa in the shop to collect on Thursday. We headed home and cooked up some roasted vegetables and peri-peri prawns with a mayonnaise and chilly dip.

    Dudawi at Hout Bay Gallery packing a RS Road Works Sign

    Thursday was once again a shop day. I have appointments 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 and 12:00.

    The 7:30am was with Marius of Tamboerswinkel. He is going to sell my Richard Scott Wine and Gin out of his Deli.

    Nice to be able to store your Vespa in your shop like I do at home.
    Meet Marius from Tamboerswinkel

    8:00am I was at Orms dropping off a Gold Tree Silkscreen print for framing with Amy. Selwyn Eagle got a table at Gaynor Rupert’s Annual Imibali Trust Summer Gala. He invited Joanne and I to sit at his table. I donated the Gold Tree to Gaynor’s cause.

    8:30 I met up with Nicola who makes all my cushions and pool pillows and beach bags. I am going to introduce beach towels, swimming shorts and road works t-shirts. Watch this space.

    9:00 I had a staff meeting and 10:30am I had to be at ROCKET South Africa to meet Marisa to present a proposal to them with my Espresso and Cappuccino cups. After that I rushed back to the shop to meet Lyle at 12:00. Lyle reached out to me to help her get her art career up and running.

    Angelique did the Galleries run on Thursday. From Sea Point to Hout Bay Gallery to Klein Constantia Wine Farm with whom I have collaborated with for the last five years. I’m having lunch with Hans, the CEO, on the 5th of February to make 2023 even better now that the farm, like me, is enjoying the abundance of tourists and their love for good South African wine and art.

    Joanne sent me a picture of a guy on a Vespa with Richard Scott stickers on it. She was so excited she hardly got the shot. I’m honored that people love my brand so much that they put it all over their toys, and cars, and now Vespa’s.


    Friday, Joanne and I both worked from home. I woke up with food poisoning, so I medicated myself. We were going to get up real early and go for a beach run and get going for the day, but that never happened. Nonetheless it was a working day and Frans and Hendrik came in and it was business as usual. We managed to complete an order for Richard in Cleveland, Ohio and Danilio in Lugano Switzerland.

    We popped in to Milnerton High School to see Dean and Daniella get their final matric results. Dean got 2 distinctions and Danielle got 3. Joanne was super proud. Within moments Dean got accepted into The University of Cape Town. What a wonderful opportunity.

    Proud Mom. Joanne and Dean at the Matric Results Ceremony

    On our way home we popped in to see Joe at the butchery to get some yummy meat for the braai Sunday. I also popped into the stationary store to pick up some Posca pens. These are the pens I use on my gold Cape Town prints. I also bought a new A3 size sketch pad to do more of my Rorschach Test Series as a few were off to Ashbeys for auction.

    My best work yet

    By now I was exhausted and feeling lethargic from my tummy bug. So when we got home I collapsed on the couch and chilled. Joanne made me some Salticrax crackers with Marmite and it got me going again.

    As mentioned earlier we completed 2 Gold Leaf Cape Town prints and 5 Road signs.

    We topped the day off with a blended family supper to celebrate Dean and Daniella’s graduation at Bossa in Milnerton. It’s always great to see 14+ people at a table celebrating.

    Big family’s are great. There is always someone missing – guess who?

    Saturday morning we got up checked my phone. Check this out. Typical kid.

    I had a laugh, got up and made coffee, took out the Crayfish and we were off again.

    Saturday morning was some Greyton research. We booked a nice little cottage in March for some time away with friends, Tony and Alison which is long overdue. Tony and I go back many years and we have become best friends. Joanne dropped Angelina off at dance and went to help Chad replace a fridge at Tafelberg Furniture. I stayed home to prep for the Crayfish braai. We invited Danilio and Deago along with some new friends who bought my art years ago – Andy and Fran. They popped into the shop on Tuesday this week and I got on very well with them as they are from up North in the UK where I’m from. I thought it would be a treat for them, as they are from England, to enjoy the famous Richard Scott Crayfish braai.

    Head chef Danillio in the middle and his 2 assistants
    Diego, Fran, Andy, Joanne and Danillio

    Everyone was gone by 4pm. We cleaned up and collapsed on the couch with a nice glass of OAK VALLEY Sounds of Silence Pinot Noir, with a 5 Star John Platter. We played some cards, but were to exhausted, so we binge watched the last 3 episodes of Chippendales on Disney and went to bed early.

    We heard late Saturday that Daniella, Dean’s girlfriend, got into The University of Cape Town (UCT). It was great news as both her and Dean want to go to UCT. We were all so happy for the both of them.

    Sunday morning Joanne and I got up early and we went for a swim in the sea it was so warm. First time in a while.

    Best life ever, swimming in the sea

    We were so energized by the sea. We came home, jumped into the warm pool and then washed off under the outside shower and then cooked the kids French toast for breakfast. That was scoffed down only to start lunch. Fillet steak, chips and mielies with butter. Only Richie and Angelina pitched today. Angelina got a picture of me eating a chip-buttie as my mom calls it. I don’t eat white bread, but because of my food poisoning from Friday that was still lingering, I had to keep it simple. It was, secretly, delicious. I was waiting for Joanne to say “no tomato sauce as it will upset your tummy but she didn’t. Yum Yum.

    Always godda get the front door pic.

    After lunch, Angelina was surprised by Luke – he asked her to go to the matric dance with him – she said yes – Lucky Guy. It was nice to meet Luke and his mom. After the kids left we, believe it or not, started cooking up a very large bolognaise sauce. It’s called week day insurance. Cook it on a Sunday and at least 3 days in the week you don’t need to cook supper.

    Until next weekend, thanks for reading.

    r i c h a r d

  • Richard Scott Blog: 15th January 2023

    Whoaaaaaaaaa, Monday was jam packed form 6am to 6pm. Back to the grind stone stuff. I can’t even remember what I did as I type this on Wednesday. Erm….. I remember Joanne going off to work real early looking absolutely beautiful in her new blue skirt. I remember sitting on the deck doing my banking and emails and that it was overcast as I was sitting with a thin top on and Frans and Hendrik coming in at 8am as well and me delegating the tasks for the day and week. I remember John from Hout Bay Gallery posting on Instagram. He posted a beautiful picture of a really old work of mine from way back in 2005 from my Nursery Crime series: As the Pig Jumps over the Moon. Most of the day was admin admin admin. I did manage to get my golf in as I want to get good and enjoy the game. Joanne went for a run on the beach while I did my golf practice. I also remember making Vetkoek with Mince for supper and Lasagna for Tuesday supper.

    My beautiful Joanne
    Melkbos Beach at its 2nd Best

    The place I started my Career. Hout Bay Gallery

    Tuesday I popped into the shop in Woodstock. I had to do a big clean up as we left it in a bit of a mess with getting everything ready for Plett. There was those tiny polystyrene beads everywhere as Chad and I were filling the pool pillows in a rush for the Plett pop-up. I also had a meeting set up with Selwyn to discuss the Plettenberg Bay pop-up shop summary. We did very well. Thanks to all the Johannesburg-ers.

    Joanne and I popped into the Waterfront. I treated her to Sushi at Willoughby. On our way there we bumped into Daniel Balbach. Friend and owner of Carpe Diem Loge in Greenpoint. It was great to see him and catch up.

    Then we went clothes shopping. I needed some new paints for the studio as I have been cutting them up and making Tote Bags 🙂

    Treating the Love of my life to some Sushi at Willoughby, Waterfront

    Wednesday was another home day. This time Studio. After banking I got stuck into my TO-DO list in the studio. It was a long one as we had many orders to fulfill from taking time out over the festive season. Angelina went back to school. It was her first last day of 12 years of school. Although her and Joanne were debating that it was her last first day. Either way she sent me the traditional “Photo in front of the Fridge”

    Angelina and the famous Fridge Pic

    I decided to up-cycle this Superdry bag I got my work clothes in on Tuesday. I’m looking to collaborate with a top brand on a series of Jeans. Perhaps I should just do my own thing, Richard Scott style. Who knows, maybe Jeans are next after Beach Towels and Swimming shorts and Bikini’s.

    Final Product

    Once a year I donate a work of art to The Star Fish Foundation in America. I have been doing it since I started way back when. This year they decided on the Ultramarine Blue Tree Print. I decided to pack it in the Hahnemuhle box that my paper comes in. I then gave it the Richard Scott packaging treatment so that they can sell that as well and raise even more money for the cause.

    Thursday was shop/gallery day in Woodstock. Candice from Starfish popped in to pick up the print while I was having a meeting with Selwyn and Lyle about Lyle’s career as an artist. Selwyn got chatting to Candice and they know all the same people because they both work in the “Helping the underprivileged space”. At the same time Andy and Fran walked in. They are clients from way back when I was with Charl from Worldart. We caught up while the others were talking “Giving” and gave them some pointers on where to eat up the West Coast. We invited Andy and Fran for a Crayfish braai on Friday so you’ll see those pics in next weeks Blog.

    After everyone left Joanne arrived in an Uber as I was running late. We popped upstairs to say hello to some friends and catch up.

    The Shop looking good. Pop in sometime.

    Friday we both worked from home and got stuck into admin and and and. I popped out to practice my golf. I gave the staff the day off so that we can rest. The real work starts Monday.

    Richie and Victoire came back from there 6 week Mauritius stint on Friday afternoon. The rest of Friday Joanne and I read books and watched a few movies.

    Friday afternoon Dylin brought a potential buyer for the Beach Mansion. It looks promising. I will keep you updated.

    Richie and Victoire popped in on Saturday afternoon for a fruit platter brunch. I was practicing my Golf again. We popped out Saturday evening to go see Jurie and Liezl. We met when I first moved to Melkbos 18 years ago, we bought the house next door to them. I remember paying R1 Million for it. We became friends on the day we moved in. The bank forced me to sell that house when I I bought the beach mansion. I was an artist and didn’t pay myself a regular income so they would not bond me on two properties, even though I could afford it. We all know the story.

    The kids popped in for mince curry and vetkoek for Sunday lunch and the rest of Sunday was Backgammon and Cards and enjoying each others company.

    Until next week

    r i c h a r d

  • Richard Scott Blog: 8th January 2023

    How’s your diet and new years resolutions going? Well mine isn’t. LOL. I start Monday, tomorrow with a few 2023 goals in the categories of Health, Wealth and Family. I really wanna get good at golf again in 2023 and I want to get my weight back down to my cycling days. Its only like 5kg, but its time. At my age you have to practice daily mental and physical health.

    I got my liquor license approved, so 2023 is gonna be the year where I go big with the Richard Scott Limited edition Gin, Tequila and wine. I had an idea yesterday to approach George from Dalla Cia and do a Grappa as well.

    Anyway, this whole week was a mixture of work and pleasure. The only time I relax my mind during the year is between Christmas and New Year. So Monday was tough. Tuesday was tougher and by Wednesday I was back into work mode.

    Chad drove to Plettenburg Bay for the 2nd POP-UP. It has been going well and were taking over Plett with the help of Cameron and Leigh at The Junction. We did really well all week. Chad did get sick on Saturday, bit still we sold alot of product.

    Chad off to Plattenberg Bay on a business trip

    Angelina popped over for a few days and did some beading and Tie-dying. I once again heated the pool up so to get all the peeps in the pool.

    The Tie-dye Queen Angelina herself

    Wednesday to Friday was do a little as possible except read books. Joanne managed to finish the book about making property work for you and I managed to finish Rich Dad Poor Dad. She went on to read “Manage your money like a F*ucking Adult” and I picked up the The Rise and Rise of Afrikaner Tycoons, which I’m half way through. Its quite cool knowing that all these successful South African businessmen have my art in their collections.

    Saturday Joannes friend Louise came over for a crayfish braai. It was good to see her and Eva and the little one Alexander. The weather played along and we swam and braai-ed and ate like kings.

    Louise, Eva and Alexander

    Sunday was another last chill day before life turns back to normal tomorrow. With that ‘ll keep it short so I can enjoy my last day swimming and sitting reading books in the sun.

    See you next week

    r i c h a r d

  • Richard Scott Blog: 1st January 2023

    Happy New Year.


    Joanne and I decided to try do nothing for 4 days, so we chilled by the pool and played lots of backgammon and rummy. Joanne was tanning while I just relaxed. I got the pool temperature up nice and high to like 27. It was yummy. I also managed to add the small beads into the new Pool Pillows Monday afternoon. I wanted to test them to see if the new beads worked better.

    Chilling in our paradise


    Relaxed by the pool again. I got stuck into a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad that I saw lying in Dean’s room. I’ve been wanting to read it for years. I see it was first released in 1997. I can’t believe I haven’t read it since. I managed to get about a third of the way in one day. Joanne is still reading Passing the Torch.

    The new pool pillows for the ladies


    Relaxed by the pool. We also made a Lasange in our new gas oven.


    Joanne popped out the the waterfront while I got stuck into a little bit of admin. Irini and Claude invited us to stay with them in Noordhoek for new year for a few days so we made plans to head out the next day.


    As I mentioned we headed out to Noordhoek Friday at around 10. We first popped past The Crayfish Guys to pick up some yummy crayfish for a New Years Eve braai. We had a wonderful Friday chilling by Irini’s and Claude’s Pool and again reading our book. Joanne is now on to “Making Money out of Property in South Africa. I bought it for her a while ago whilst in Exclusive books in Johannesburg. Andrew Golding does the Intro. I know Andrew very well. so I’m also looking forward to reading it. Irini bought some yummy steak and we skewered it and cooked it over the flames.


    Saturday we got up early and decided to go to a small secluded beach on the other side of Simonstown. It was so windy that it was impossible to sit on the beach. All the kids jumped into the sea and had a 20 minute dip. I for some reason was not up to it. We popped past the Noordhoek Village on the way to get some groceries and prawns to add to the crayfish braai. We all sat around the table and had a late breakfast. I fried up some mushrooms and the left over steak. It was nice to have the kid around the table.

    Saturday afternoon we read books and swam and chatted and just enjoyed the last day of 2022.

    How often do you get time to do this?

    Saturday evening we played games and danced into the night and new year. It’s gonna be a great year.

    Dancing the night away with Claude and Sharlett


    We got up nice and late Sunday morning with a coffee and jumped into the pool. We washed up and said goodbye to Irini and Claude. We had a 10.30 appointment with Craig and Juan in Noordhoek. Craig made us some tea and Juan cut up the Panettone. It was great to spend social time with them in the beautiful home. We caught up about art and kids and the holiday season.

    Craig suggested to pop into the new Noordhoek Art Gallery and we did. We met up with the owner Tuesday and had a good chat about business and the season. After that we headed home. The Tom Tom said 1 hours drive so we buckled in and took a nice slow drive home. I took out a nice fillet steak and got the pool warm while Joanne potted around.

    Tuesday and her beautiful art. She introduced me to her mom as One of South Africa’s very top artists. That was quite an honor.

    Happy New Year

    Until next week

    r i c h a r d

  • Richard Scott Blog: 25th December 2022

    Ok, this week was such a blur that I only got to start typing this blog on Saturday. With the POP-UP in Plett and end of year, I was so busy, but it was amazing.

    I’ve decided to only use photos for this blog. There was lots of memories and I will add captions to the photos.




    The famous Achim Spelling


    Always great to see you Chris. Beers at Woodstock Brewery


    Marco Garbero popped in for well wishes and a chat
    Christmas came early as Nicola dropped off 12 new pool pillows in time to take to Plett for the 2nd pop up in January
    Ignatius Marx popped in for a drink at the Beach Villa. It was great to see him. He still looks the same
    Dean Coney got himself some Richard Scott pool pillows and was in his element. Who wouldn’t be?
    Last minute (year) works for you


    Secret Santa is the way to go. Can’t believe I haven’t done this before. Brilliant.
    Video call from Mauritius with Richie and Victoire doing secret Santa. I bought for Chad, Chad drew Angeline, Angelina drew Daniella. Daniella bought for Victoire, Victoire bought for Dean, Dean bought for Richie, Richie bought for Joanne and Joanne bought for me.

    Sunday – Christmas Day 2022

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Until 2023

    r i c h a r d

  • Richard Scott Blog: 18th December 2022

    Selwyn sent me a lovely picture of one of the Candy Pool pillows at his home in Plettenberg Bay. I had to share it with you to start this colorful blog.

    Angelina was here for the 1st week of the school holidays, so that was really nice to have her around. Monday morning we woke up to no electricity. So I put the little gas stove on and made us some percolated coffee. Afterwards I saw Joanne off to work.

    Then I made myself some toast in the pan on the same gas fire. Then I sat down and did the usual Monday stuff like emails and banking and sales reports.

    Joanne and I were chatting to Bertus Basson at Chrous on Thursday this week (see below) and Joanne asked him who does all his admin and even he said he does it himself like I do.

    Angelina passed her learners license on the first go on Monday. Yeah we have another UBER driver now.

    Making ends meet. LOL

    I also got stuck into the final bits and pieces for Plettenberg Bay on Monday afternoon. There is a POP UP shop at The Junction Hotel and Coffee Bar. 17 Main Road Plett. POP IN and go see Chad. He is manning the POP UP.

    Tuesday I drove into work and dropped Joanne off. I bought her a coffee from Tamboers Winkel and this time I bumped into Martin Epstein. Martin is an avid Cyclist and was also 100 or so guys fitter than me when I did Epics. I also wanted to be like Martin. LOL Just Kidding. Martin is also a huge supporter of South African art. In the early days he was also one of those collectors who could see something in me and he invested heavily into my art and career.

    Meet Martin who created Art Gazette

    Angelina came with me to town and I treated her and Dean to a breakfast and a coffee. Dean was in his own car as he dropped Daniella at work. She got a job wateriness at Vovo Telo in The Waterfront. Dean joined us as I was going to take him to Coney Collective to look at his new Floating Bed that Dean made for him. After he chose his base colour I dropped Angelina off at Wilscha, as I bought her a voucher for a facial for her birthday. She loved it as Wilscha is the best.

    Coney Collective

    After Angelina was finished, i picked her up and then I treated Angelique and Chad to a Staff Lunch on Tuesday Afternoon. I gave them the choice of choosing. I can see someone has taste as the Chose The Grand Beach in the Waterfront. We ended up ordering the Sea Food Platter. You have no other choice when your in such a cool place and on a beach by the sea.

    My daughter insisting on paying for 2 key rings.

    Afterward we picked Joanne up and Dropped Angelina at her friend Timnah as she was off to Timnah’s Beach Party. We headed home and just chilled and had an early night.

    Wednesday was my 54th years young Birthday. Joanne and the kids spoiled me. Joanne got me to write a list of things I wanted for my birthday. I don’t want for anything at my age but a managed to think of a few things I needed. Joanne got me a ticket to go see Sting in February. So looking forward to shaking his hand and having a conversation with him. She also go me a nice pair of Polo shorts and a big packet of Lindt white chocolate, my favorite after Terry’s Choclate Orange. The kids got me some coffee beans and a Terry’s Orange Chocolate (LOL).

    Angelina asked me earlier in the week for some pics of me and her on my phone. I didn’t know why, but she bought a nice photo frame and pic a nice pic of us in it. Here are some of the pictures I sent her:

    Wednesday afternoon Joanne treated us all to a High Tea in the Leopard Bar at The 12 Apostles as a family for my Birthday. As High Tea’s go there was too much food. It was great to have everyone there bar Richie, as he was in Mauritius for a 6 week holiday.

    Happy family

    Thursday Chad headed off to Plett for the PLETT POP UP which runs from 16th December to 4th January. We packed the Caddy Van to the brim and off he went on the 6hr drive to Plett.

    Joanne had to run into town for a few hours work and I used the opportunity to do a few prints once I saw Chad off. Thursday the 15th was considered the last working day of the year hear in South Africa.

    Big John from Woodstock Brewery sent some pictures of the lunch we raised funds for. A nice breakfast for the elderly at his Church. Here’s the pics:

    Joanne got home around 11:30 and we rushed off to Chorus. Bertus Basson’s new restaurant. It was my Birthday treat from Joanne. We were both so exhausted from the weeks activities to date but it was so worth it and also to catch up with our good friend Bertus.

    Celebrating life, experiencing every thing possible, on the edge

    In the week I made Joanne a Richard Scott Backgammon board and gave it to her just as we left. We play so much Backgammon, we might as well enjoy it in full colour. This is us playing on the deck once we got back from Chorus.

    The day ran away with us as the kids arrive for supper. We played some charades and Dean ended up teaching Daniella how to play Backgammon on Joannes new Richard Scott board. The electricity went out for the 3rd time in one day from more than 2hrs, so we played by candle light.

    Richard Scott Restaurant open-up soon

    We had an early night and headed to bed exhausted.

    Friday was Reconciliation Day in South Africa: It was established by the government in 1994. Nelson Mandela was part of the group of politicians that helped start the idea for the holiday. On 16 December 1995, the first celebration took place. The first meeting of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission also took place on 16 December 1995.

    We took the opportunity to sleep in and get some well deserved rest because the afternoon and evening were jam packed until 11pm that night.

    I had an opening at You&i Art Gallery on Kloof street, Friday 2-5pm.

    The famous Henry

    Straight after the exhibition with Henry Angelina invited us to watch the Nutcracker Ballet at the Artscape. That only started at 7pm so we had 2hrs to kill. We popped over the road to the Indian Maharajah and met up with James again, our waiter. We kept it simple. The food there is delicious.

    We got to the Artscape around 7pm and were all truly exhausted. None the less the show was unbelievable. Gee Whizz, those ballet dancers. Wow they sure can dance. Angelina hung out with her friends in the back seats and we rattled our jewelry a little closer to the front. Do you know where that saying comes from? We got home at 11pm and collapsed into bed.

    Sometime Friday Auto Vivendi posted a few pictures of the their Club House in London. I took the liberty to screen shot them from Instagram and show you. Its the world best Supercar Club and one of the owners Richard Thomas is one of the best friend I can count on my 2 hands.

    Saturday we got up late and headed out to Checkers to do the weekly grocery shopping. Angelina came with cos she had arranged with 30 of her friends to have a big pool party in the Richard Scott Pool. I’d been warming it up since Wednesday for them. They all came in drips and draps from about 12pm and we cooked them all some burgers and they did the rest and enjoyed the day. Super cool as a dad to be able to provide like that and also to see the Richard Scott Pool been put to use now that summer is here.

    Simple but oh so delicious. Richard Scott copies Bertus Basson

    After all the kids left we were planning on an early night then Joanne and I had another disagreement. We promised each other and yet we had a fall out. Such silly pathetic things we disagreed on. Phuckit. I even grabbed Dean’s coffee and threw it in the drain thinking it was hers. I need to go back to see Nadia, my therapist, as she taught me so much. Perhaps its a case of going regularly. I thought I was cured. clearly NOT. Basically like a car that needs a service now and again. I extracted myself from the so called Drama circle and went to bed early. I didn’t allow myself to book it down to end of year stress. Lets see what Nadia says. And I need to apologies to Dean for soiling his coffee and and and.

    Sunday I got up at 7am and got stuck into reading on the deck. I haven’t had coffee for 2 days. I’ve gone off it weirdly.

    ,So there I was on the deck staring at the sea and I thought Phuckit; Its Sunday and I’m officially on holiday so read read read. I managed to get through the third quarter of THE CRYPTO BOOK by Siam Kidd. I plan on finishing about 4 books over the next 3 weeks. Joanne is reading a book that Annie Malan gave me, when Angelique and I went to go see her in Johannesburg, called Passing the Torch by Ilze Alberts. She keeps giving me updates every 10 minutes as she discovers something new about Passing the (financial) Torch to your kids.

    So I just dropped Angelina off at home. We took the Vespa it was such a nice day. She’s off to Bonnievale for a few days with her mom and her friends.

    When I got home I opened up a bottle of Steenberg Cap Classic. It’s my new favorite Champagne. I’m having a glass on the deck while i type this to you.

    Have a fantastic week. Next Sunday is Christmas.

    See you then

    r i c h a r d

  • Richard Scott Blog: 11th December 2022

    Hello there, this week has been manic. It seems to be getting more manic the closer we get to the end of the year. I forced myself to stay at the studio on Monday and get 12 new road signs done for the silly season and squeezed in my admin in between. I snuck out at 11am to go hit some golf balls and to get some practice in but the driving range only opened at 12am. So I turned around and went back home and made a few phone calls. At 12am I repeated it and managed to hit 100 balls so well that I took another bucket of balls (50) and proceeded to hit them well, as well.

    I got home and had a slice of the Quiche Joanne made on Sunday and got stuck into the 12 Road Signs. By the time I was done, Joanne was home. We both needed a stiff Gin.

    We had to be at Angelina’s school Academic Prize Giving. She got 6th in the grade over all and highest marks for dance in her grade.

    Tuesday morning, I popped out to see Dean and Nicola. Dean because he is gonna make up a floating bed for Dean, Joanne’s son and Nicola to pick up some beach bags. The new design is the full girl. The previous bags were made from reject pool pillows. So you have have a choice of 2.

    The 2 bags at the top are the reject pool pillows and the the 3 at the bottom are the new design.

    Hennie Mouton popped into the Gallery to pic up his art piece that I auctioned off for John for his church and I took the opportunity to chat and catch up and take that famous pic. I’ll stop talking about “That Famous Pic”, hee hee

    Meet Hennie. Hennie helped me help John and Samantha take 20 elderly people for a lovely breakfast at Spur on the 16th December.

    Chad had a client for his Art Box that sent us a pick to say thank you. It was so cool of how the courier stuck a sticker over the artwork and drew on the piece. Most people will think this is destroying the art. Its not, its making it better. It’s making it real.

    Tuesday afternoon Robin Sprong from Robin Sprong Wallpapers sent me some photo’s of a recent Richard Scott Wallpaper installation he did. Love it. If you want Richard Scott Wallpaper, google him. It can we installed worldwide through Robin’s global partners.

    Tuesday evening we went home and chilled.

    Wednesday was manic. From 5:30am to 11:00pm. I was home all day, bar hitting some golf balls before lunch. I was in the studio all day and started off buy throwing out STUFF. How the hell does STUFF just pile up. It was very therapeutic just putting STUFF in the bin.

    Here is the final product. Only 4 left from that original project.

    Wednesday afternoon, I got stuck into finishing off 10 new Road Signs. I knew the Germans were coming.