• Richard Scott : 3rd July 2022

    Nothing happened on Monday other than end of the month admin stuff. Yes, I do a lot of my own admin. Here I am photographing slips for the week and adding them to Quickbooks for the Auditors to check and finalize VAT. It’s a bit boring but I do find it therapeutic and even more so when you can tick the weekly box that says SLIPS.

    Me laying out the slips to photograph them. Mr. do everything myself

    Tuesday I popped into my shop in Woodstock and YEAH Angelique was back. She has a small back/rib injury, so she wasn’t to active. However, it was good to have her back and celebrated with coffee and DONUTS from Buns in the Biscuit Mill. We had a competition to see which one was the best, plain Cinnamon, Apricot Jam, Custard, Caramel or Nutella. We all rooted for a different one funny enough. Mine was the famous Apricot Jam as that’s how I remember them. Have you ever tried to eat a Apricot Jam donut without licking your lips? Not possible.

    Angelique, Chad and I, staff meeting.

    Anyway, with Angelique back the orders started flooding in, from prints to Cappuccino cups. I spent a good part of the day with Chad. I asked him to generate a report/story on Crypto currencies and NFT’s. We called our report Satoshi Nakamoto after the so-called founder of Crypto and Blockchain. Now I am one step closer to understanding it all. Wednesday was studio day and I got some proper art done on the Road Sign Series that I will be launching soon at Hout Bay Gallery. I also got a few Mandy prints done.

    Here’s a long story for you:

    Carl Smyth whatsapp’d me on Wednesday with a picture of Sasha Martinengo wearing a hand Painted Rose Gold Ana Richard Scott t-shirt. I forgot I actually did that for Sasha.

    You won’t believe it but Sasha and I go back to 1997. There was a new company out called iafrica and you could buy this modem thing and connect to a thing called the internet and get messages and talk to people on chat groups.

    So, I went and bought one of the black ba-dind-scccccccccrrrrrrr-dong-ba-dum-ba-dum sounding like this as it connected to the iafrica server via your telephone line.

    A few months in I discovered that you could also view images and information about companies and see there contact information etc.

    I found a site called www.sabc.co.za. It was very basic, but you could click on the radio stations like 5FM and I did.  I also clicked on the morning DJ Tony Blewit and his face and small description appeared.

    In the coming weeks I had taught myself HTML and learnt how to make animated gifs. All of this in 1997.

    It was also those days when cellphones had first come out and I had one of those BRICK Motorolla phones with the interchangeable aerials. I remember emailing Tony Blewitt and offered to make him his own web page. A few days later, I got a call from the man himself and I actually dropped the BRICK phone when he called. I couldn’t believe it.

    Anyway within the space of 2 more weeks I had registered a URL www.online.co.za (no longer exists, I sold it on) and designed my own website and I was in business. I designed Tony Blewitt’s website and called him with his own URL: www.online.co.za/tonyblewitt. He couldn’t believe it and the next morning I heard him announce it on the radio.

    Weeks later, Kevin Savage called me up and said he wanted the same. Then Sasha Marteningo, then the radio station KFM website and the Goodhope FM and and and.

    Over the next few years all the radio stations took the websites inhouse and the DJ’s had to use the radio station URL not mine. Anyway, I ended up focusing on Sasha Martinengo and Mark Gillman and became good friends with them  both. I still chat to Sasha and Mark in the UK. I no longer do their websites as I was approached my Telkom’s Internet service provided Intekom and offered a job as long as I brought the DJ’s and radio stations with me. Mark Gillman actually went to the job interview with me. LOL.  

    Sasha Martinengo with a one off Richard Scott Rose Gold T-shirt

    I finished off Wednesday with a few print orders.

    My Red Cape Town Mandy and My Blue Mandy prints

    Thursday, I popped into the shop again and caught up with Chad and Angelique. Chad was giving me the Bitcoin to the Dollar every 5 minutes as it went below $20 000. It was fun to see him so excited. After Joanne finished work, she took me to the WOK BAR off Kloof Street for lunch.  There was load shedding, again, so we opted for the sushi. They make the best Sushi, according to me. We ordered the Wok Bomb it was incredibly delicious, if you like prawns. Joanne still swears by Willoughby’s in the Waterfront.

    The Love of my life doing the love of my life stuff with me

    Friday, Joanne worked from home and I got stuck into the studio again. I made us some Boerewors and Green Bean Bredie, if that’s a thing?

    After supper we went to go see Angelina dancing at the Artscape. It was really awesome to see her dancing amongst the best and at the Artscape of all places. We bumped into David who runs the show at Artscape. David and I got to know each other very well when I exhibited my Desmond Tutu Series of Art there in 2019.

    Screen Grab off my phone of Angelina do a small solo piece within the dance
    David giving us VIP treatment

    Saturday felt like a Sunday because Joanne was at home. It was a proper rainy winter’s day and Joanne cooked us some YUM pea soup and I started to prepare this blog. I also printed some more prints that are off to Johannesburg on Tuesday.

    If you dont live in South Africa you will not know that we have whats called LOADSHEDDING and it goes up in stages. Basically the power goes out 3 times a day for 2-4 hrs. Yes that’s about 6hrs a day on average. It came about from the doings of one man bringing the country to its knees for the sake of his own greed. Well South Africa is a beautiful country and we will rise up again. So we cook and get by like cavemen by the fire.

    Well in Sunday Lunch time and the chicen has been de-boned and the bones back on the fire in the same pot to make my famous Chicken Stock.

    After lunch were off to support Angelina at her stall selling her Rings and Blings jewelry at the Sunningdale market. Then cards on the couch and nice bottle of red wine by the fire.

    Till next week.


  • Richard Scott : 26th June 2022


    Monday I was explaining to a collector in Johannesburg about what a H/C print is that he bought from me. You get the normal signed edition prints and the Artist Proofs and Printer Proof and BAT and H/C, etc etc etc. H/C stands for Hors Commerce which is French for “For Commercial Use”.  These prints are normally unsigned and used at exhibition for promotional purposes and generally not to be sold. Well I sign mine and sell them. Alot of people love my art, so why not.

    I also emailed a client in Germany explaining the reason why I spray on my crates and all my shipping parcels. It all started when my biggest client in Belgium Jean Hermans kept on saying the he bought so much art from me that he didn’t know what to do with the crates. So I decided to turn them into art so that he didn’t have to throw them away. He could sell them as art. Here are a few print roll examples.

    Tuesday was a shop day in Woodstock and Chad and I spent lots of hours watching NFT and crypto currency videos. Its was information overload but, bloody hell, its interesting. I need a degree in the Financial Market just to keep up. I’m super excited to jump in on the race but am still doing all my research. Damian Hirst approaches it the best with his 10 000-edition release of DOT prints. You could opt for the Original or NFT. It went 50/50. But I’m not Damien Hirst! For me, the worlds leading commercial artist after Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami is Damian Hirst.

    Tuesday night Joanne and I booked a nice holiday for the kids in Greyton during the school holidays. So I’m looking forward to that as we are both thinking of Greyton as our South African base when we retire.

    Wednesday Richi dropped off some new 3D Prints. There selling well.

    Wednesday was also an admin and Studio day. Angelique, my PA and sales head came back form a nice break in Thailand. We missed her but she needed a break. Wednesday we caught up and she has taken over the reigns again. She will manage the new relationship with Russel Kaplan and she picked up the ball on numerous client requests. I get most of my client request through email and Instagram. I also completed 5 sets of Dinky paintings on Wednesday. These are the only paintings I do. I also finished off a few pieces for the Road Sign Exhibition at Hout Bay Gallery in July.

    Thursday Richie passed his Commercial Pilots Flight Planning Exam. I think it’s 5 of 8 done now. I am super proud of him on his way to reaching his dream. He had to drive to Mossel Bay to rewrite it.

    I popped into ORION on Thursday to meet up with the new marketing manager Pauline and pick up the ball with the Orion Art Department post COVID. I was good to see all the students still there and Oompie the manager at the reigns. I help ORION build the Art Department and empower these people to aspire to being normal. Even better they are fully self-sufficient now and generate well over R100 000 per annum for their own cause.

    Thursday Afternoon Joanne and I also had lunch at Woodstock Brewery with an old friend Johan. We had chicken strips which were crumbed with Japanese Panko crumbs with onion rings and a house salad. Johan opted for the pulled smoked brisket on mash. It was delicious but the Panko chicken strips with the Jalapeno cheese sauce were the best. Johan and I caught up and Joanne and I are thinking of investing in a Mushroom farm with Johan as mushrooms are fascinating and have many medicinal uses. Johan is very talented in that way. Having a friend like Johan has taught me not to have regrets or hold grudges in life.

    Johan, Mahdis, Joanne and me

    Friday morning, I decided to go to the Bronze Foundry in Stellenbosch to chat to them about starting the big Richard Scott bronze sculptures. It’s time! I’m also experimenting with a recipe of theirs that turns things into to the most beautiful Ultramarine Blue. News to follow.

    Green, Blue, black and me. Nice Contrast.

    I also decided to pop via Riebeek Kasteel as Joanne and I left our charger there last week. I picked it up and decided to treat Chad to a nice coffee at Beans About Coffee which brews the best coffee in Riebeek Kasteel. We parked the van and you will never believe who is sitting at a table with a film crew. David Higgs. I couldn’t believe my luck. I shouted, “Is that David Higgs?” to which he replied, “guys you’re in luck as royalty has just arrived Richard Scott”. It was so cool to see my friend again. I met David on the ABSA Cape Epic back in the day and we connected and hit it off. Back before COVID I would never go to Johannesburg without a trip to Marble or Saint, David’s two famous restaurants which are superb. The weirdest thing is that we were born on the say day 14th December.

    The 3 so called famous peeps J’Something, D’Something and that artist R’Something

    We finished up and headed to Stellenbosch and then back to the shop. Joanne and I decided to stay over at Carpe Diem lodge in Greenpoint as Angelina was dancing in the production Woven at the Artscape. Angelina dancing there is becoming a regular event. I’m super proud as a dad to have my daughter, age 16, dancing on South Africa’s number one stage. Carpe Diem is an amazing 5 star guest house owned by my friend and collector, Daniel Balbach.

    Joanne and I checked in with Bianca, Daniel’s girlfriend, they are off to Paris today to celebrate Daniel’s 50th birthday. We then walked down to Mano’s Restaurant for a late lunch. We bumped into so many friends, Harrold Solomon, Kate Duvet, Mark Moolman and another close friend and collector, Harold Hopkin.

    Harold invited us over on Saturday morning to look at doing a piece for a wall on the roof terrace of his apartment in Greenpoint. Harold is the collector that owns the yellow jacuzzi I painted which can be seen on the rooftop of the Warick in Green Point. Joanne and I popped over to meet with Harold and Joanne to conceptualize and finalize the art piece before heading back home to Melkbos. He didn’t offer us any coffee. Harold?

    I mentioned that I would talk about a so-called stolen piece of my art. It is one from the Joyride series Called: 70ties Joyride. It was part of the collection I did with Vespa South Africa in 2013. We exhibited the works at all the Vespa branches across the country and sold 16 hand Painted Vespa’s and most of the 20 paintings. We decided to give this piece to a gallery in Balito called Imbizo, owned by Isabel Roos. She sold it and decided not to pay me for it. I took legal action but have only managed to get pennies out of her. So if you know where this piece is or know the owner, tell them this story.

    70ties Joyride, 175 x 100cm, Impasto and Acrylic on Canvas

    Sunday is a lazy day even though we went for a nice long run on the beach this morning to keep fit.


  • Richard Scott : 19th June 2022


    The storm on Monday night through to Tuesday morning was amazing. I don’t know if you know but when I designed my house all the bedrooms have tin roofs with no ceilings so you can’t hear yourself think when it rains. I did this because when I was a kid, 12 years old, my dad turned the maids quarters in the back yard in Johannesburg into my own private pad/hideout and I used to get quite scared going out to bed each night, especially those Johannesburg thunderstorms. The room had a tin roof and when those storms came and the rain fell on the roof it was so soothing for me. When it rains now it makes me feel safe, young, happy and brings back memories of my childhood growing up in Johannesburg. That house was 147 Kwartel Road, Birch Acres. That’s why 147 is my lucky number and I edition my prints to 147 and 47 and 14 and 7 etc. Bet you didn’t know that. I even choose 1’s and 4’s and 7’s when I buy a Euro lotto ticket. Here are some pics of me in the room. I was a bit SKA crazy.

    Me in my room back then

    While driving into the shop with Joanne on Tuesday, I wondered what am I doing? I should be in bed. I really struggled all morning with some sort of anxiety. I must tell you a story about the first time I experienced anxiety. It was in 2019. I had a meeting with a client and gallery owner in Frankfurt Germany.  I got on the airplane in Cape Town, landed in Dubai and then took the connecting flight to Frankfurt. As my feet touched the ground from the airplane in Frankfurt, I had a massive rush come over me like I’ve never experienced before. I decided to exit the terminal and see if it went away. I remember it very clearly, it was snowing and I stood outside in the snow trying to fight this flood of emotion. I couldn’t control it and went straight back inside to the Emirates counter and bought a ticket back to Cape Town leaving immediately. It was the longest leg I have ever flown 32 hours to be exact. It was such a waste of money but what can you do. I also upset the Gallery owner and client in Germany. I have managed to get the anxiety under control but now accept I am not bullet proof.

    The rest of my Tuesday was fine and I sorted myself out. I left the shop at 2pm to meet Joanne and we headed home to meet Ian from Jarwitz Estate Agency. The idea was to sign a Sole Mandate. Not something I would normally do but I do want to get the house sold and move on.

    Wednesday I had another admin day and sorting out a legal matter with a client who does not want to pay me. I have never been to court and am quite excited. I will keep you in the loop as the case unfolds and I am allowed to expose them. There is also a gallery owner I’m going expose in the coming weeks on my blog. Another stolen painting.

    I popped out Wednesday morning to have coffee with one of my best friends Irini. Irini kids and my kids grew up together. Same schools, same braais etc. It was great to catch up and hear all the news. The coffee was nice. We tried Coffee Bru in Melkbos. I was impressed the coffee was excellent and the ham sandwich with a mayonnaise and gherkin dip, it was delicious. So cool to see a 4 restaurant’s on the strip.  I can highly recommend Coffee Bru when you next visiting Melkbos.

    Irini and I catching up

    Wednesday Angelina came over before dance and filmed me drawing on my gin bottles for a Tik Tok reel. There is 4 different flavours: Cirtus, Classic, Herbal and Naval. Each one is editioned to 147 only.

    Hand painting and drawing on the Gin Bottles

    Thursday was a public holiday here in South Africa and Joanne took Friday off and we spent the weekend in Riebeek Kasteel. It’s a beautiful little town up the west coast and inland a bit.

    On arrival we booked into the Royal Hotel and then went on a walk about.  We stopped off at about 6 different restaurants and tried all the local cuisine and local Swartland wines. Ok my idea of spoiling Joanne at a ROYAL hotel was a disaster. We stayed just the one night and booked out. It just wasn’t us.

    Road Tripping

    We found ourselves a beautiful house on the hill all to ourselves with it’s own garden, pool and fireplace – 3 Walter Street. Claire, the manageress was very kind and rescued our weekend – the house is spectacular. We foraged for food in the very well kept garden. Apparently, the soil is very fertile here. Joanne and I picked olives, avocados, pomegranates, apples, oranges, lemons and limes.  We only picked what we can eat. I am going to try make my own olives – one half in salt and one half in brine and see which one comes out the best.

    Friday we settled into the new home and had lunch at Felix restaurant two houses down the road.  We started with a feta focaccia and then opted for the calamari done two ways whilst sipping on Grootepost champagne.  It was absolutely delicious. We will definitely be going back to Felix for the beetroot salad and peri peri chicken livers they both looked delicious but just couldn’t eat that much in one go. 

    Enjoying a Darling Brew beer. We found it very hard to find good craft beer in Riebeek Kasteel. I must speak to my friend Andre at Woodstock Brewery and get a brewery going here.

    Joanne and I walked into Riebeek Kasteels only fine art contemporary art gallery.  Astrid spoke to us about the local artists and the solo studio event which they run on 26 – 28 August.  We have already booked the house for that weekend. We decided to relax for the rest of the day and enjoy the house. Saturday we went olive and wine tasting at Kloovenberg Wine farm. Claire, who is also the manageress of 3 Walter Street, suggested it – she works there. We bought a case of their Grenache Brut.  It is a Swartland sparkling wine which is just delicious. It reminds me of eating candy floss as a kid. The olive tasting was a wide variety and I didn’t realize that you can do so much with olives from tappas to jam to salt and the obvious being olive oil but they push the boundaries with their dipping oils but Joanne and I walked out with a 5L extra virgin olive oil can 0po– heaven.  It made me realize if they can do so much with olives what can I do with my girls.  

    Joanne and I after out Wine and olive experiance outside Kloovenberg Wine and Olive farm Rieebeek Kasteel

    Well its Sunday now and we are happy to be back home.  Richie and Angelina have surprised me with Father’s Day lunch. It was great to see them and spend time with them but you know me, every day is Father’s Day!!

    Myself, Joanne and the kids. Pizza from Forneria in Melkbos. The 2nd best pizza I’ve ever had ever had after David Higgs at Saint in Johannesburg and the Garage Guy in Cape Town

    Until Next Week.


  • Richard Scott : 12th June 2022


    I did well with Wordel this week and got the word in 3 goes twice.

    Monday was pretty boring and I opted to do all my admin as I knew this week was going to go quick with a planned trip to Hermanus on Tuesday and Johannesburg on Thursday and Friday.

    The kids are all over the place with exams. Richie with Flight Planning and Angelina with Math, English and Dance. I cant keep up. Angelina said she waxed the Math exam. It was Trig. Trig was my favorite subject as I loved working out the angles so she must get that from me. While Richie re-writes Flight Planning in Mossel Bay next week as he missed the pass mark by 1 point. Quite strict in the Aviation world with a pass mark being at 75%. At least he gets to fly to Mossel Bay in FOH.

    Gus Silber sent me and Mark Gold a list of Questions to answer for the Richard Scott – Mark Gold collaboration press release. So I had to do some thinking. I will keep you in the loop on this and let you know whats going on before the rest of the world hears.

    Early Tuesday morning I bumped into Tony Colemen. He is a wonderful gentleman I met on the ABSA Cape Epic. Tony recently completed his first epic after 3 attempts. Such a wonderful achievement as we did lots and lots of riding together to train for the epic.

    Tony Always buys me coffee when we bump into each other at Tamboerswinkel

    On Tuesday I did a road trip to the galleries in Hermanus with Angelique. We stopped over at Bengeula Cove where a new gallery has opened up on the premises. It really is an amazing place for sunny weekend days. We caught up with Charlene and then headed to meet up with Theo and Jay at Walker Bay Gallery to talk shop and Hermanus Art Week. We spoke about releasing a new series of Richard Scott Bronze sculptures and Theo immediately ordered 10 of my 3d Prints when I showed them to him.

    Angelique and I outside Bengeula Cove
    Jay steers the ship at Walkerbay Gallery
    3D Prints Off to Walkerbay Hermanus

    After this we drove to Joshua Rossouw’s beautiful hideaway in the mountains of Hemel en Arde for a wonderful afternoon lunch. Joshua treated us to a wonderful Tuna salad and home made malva pudding and of course wonderful company. A small amount of business was spoken and the rest was life and laughs.

    View of Hemel and Arde form Joshua’s Balcony

    It was a nice drive back with Angelique and she dropped me off in Tyger Valley and I UBER’d from there. I decided to try BOLT for the first time and it was only R190 compared to R360 for the UBER. Anyway, on the way home the BOLT driver Xolie’s  petrol light came on and I told him to pull into the Engen at Sunset Beach and I filled up his tank for him. I have never seen someone so happy. I felt good. It made me happy as well. So money can make you happy, if you give it away. So we got chatting and his father owns a funeral parlour in the Eastern Cape and sent him to private school and now he owns 2 cars that he uses to fund his lifestyle. What a beautiful story. He was telling me his dad only gave him an education. Everything else he worked for himself and he was only 25. Sounds like me, only I grew up in the rough end of Kempton Park in Johannesburg.

    One happy Bolt driver Xolie

    Wednesday, I had a mad rush to get some prints done. My Canon Printer needed a new print head and an ink well and 5 new cartridges all at once. That was R30 000 later and then the prints were turning pink. I was panicking and I had to meet Selwyn at the Shop at 12.30. I called Andre my supplier and he suggested a Print Head Clean. It did the trick. So easy when you know how. The prints were done on time and shipped to the respective galleries and collectors. I was about to throw the reject pink prints in the bin when I thought to rather release them as a series. The only problem is I only printed 3 so now I will have to redesign the actual print in pink, not candy or I can release them as a series of 3 at a higher price- your thoughts?.

    My print table with R30 000 worth of replacements and Pink Reject Candy Prints

    Selwyn popped into the shop at 12:30 sharp Wednesday with a lady called Donne. She heads up conservation efforts for various people including Mark Boucher’s conservation foundation. Between the 3 of us we decided to look into the Richard Scott Wildlife Conservation Series. So, the planning will start and I will keep you posted. Selwyn, as Selwyn does, never leaves the shop empty handed and walked away with 20+ prints that he will auction off for his own charities, predominantly the South African Golf Caddy Association. Selwyn also introduced me to Mrs Ruppert who will be hosting a golf day for 65 ladies and I created a beautiful print of a lady playing golf for the occasion which I am honoured to donate. Pics to follow.

    My mom is doing well. She is home and walking about. I also opted not to do the Crypto Currency course just yet. I need to focus on The Road Sign Project and potentially the Conservation Series.

    On Thursday I flew up to Johannesburg. I had 5 meeting and a parcel to hand deliver to a client who bought a print online. I sprayed the brown paper that I wrap my packages in just to add value and get yet another Richard Scott onto someones wall. My client was very happy.

    Airport lounge life. I wouldn’t have it another way.

    Secondary Market update:

    I met with Russell Kaplan and his partners. We discussed collaborating together on a long term strategy in the auction market space. Detail to follow.

    Meet Alexander. He heads up the Art department at Russell Kaplan Auctioneers

    Friday morning, in Johannesburg, Andy and I had breakfast with Brett. Brett, like Andy is one of my best friends and mentors in life. We all grew really close as business partners in 2014 while working jointly on the Vespa Richard Scott Joyride project. But we grew even closer around 2018 as friends. We opened up to each other and to me that was a wonderful experience as a man. Men sharing there intimate feelings and emotions really helped me through my divorce.

    Brett, Andy and me

    After Breakfast and another meeting at Vespa, Andy drove me to Sale E Pepe Italian restaurant in Morningside and we had a seafood pasta for lunch which was delicious. Then we drove home to Andy’s and played backgammon. I lost R1000. Not to Andy but to Valia, his girlfriend. I did hedge my bets on the games she played with Andy and won R400 back. Intense stuff. Andy taught me how to play backgammon and now a day does not go by where Joanne and I don’t play either backgammon or rummy.

    I also hung up the Vespa piece for Andy on Friday. He opted to hang it in his home in Sandton and not the Vespa store. It looks beautiful. Its made up of hand sprayed metal sheeting that is cut out with a water jet. Then I use magnets to stick the pieces to a backing plate. The magnets alone cost me R10 000 as they are Neodymium magnets and are super powerful. I even had to ship the magnets up as you are not allowed to take them on an aeroplane.

    The Magnetic piece in its full glory.
    A close up of the magnets holding it all together.

    On Friday afternoon, Andy and I could’nt resist going back to Sale E Pepe. Gosh the food is the best. On par with Pane E Vino in Stellenbosch and Magica Roma in Pinelands. Weirdly enough all 3 restaurants are in such random basic places/shopping centres. Destination Stuff.

    Valia, Andy and I outside Sale E Pepe. Why does my camera always take the photo backwards?

    Most of this Blog was typed on the flight home. It was great to be home and to see Joanne Friday. It felt like we were apart for 2 years, not 2 days.

    Saturday was spent as Saturdays are usually spent, lazing around the house and doing errands. Joanne and I made an awesome crab salad with chilli and cucumber and enjoyed the sun while it lasted.

    Crab Salad with cucumber and chilli and some spare Jelapino in chilli oil in case it not HOT enough

    Sunday was catch up. Property search, then beach run then cook cook cook. Joanne made a roast chicken and roast veg for lunch and I made a chicken pie and mushroom soup for tomorrow, if it lasts that long with Dean in the house!. I had to separate the mushrooms out of the chicken pie as Angelina doesn’t eat mushrooms. So mushroom soup for starters and chicken pie for main.

    Joannes Roast potatoes were the best on the plate.

    Ok, our tummy’s are full and time to lounge on the couch and do nothing.

    Have a great week. Till next Sunday.


  • Richard Scott : 5th June 2022


    My mom is doing well. She’s up and about after her hip operation. She opted for the epidural and not the anaesthetic. That reminds me once I went in for a minor procedure and the anaesthetist said to me “wow you have the same name as a famous artist” to which I replied that’s me. She said “oh my god I better get the right dosage”. Quite an honor and quite funny. That’s my party story 😊

    On Monday I got my results back for my UCT Social Media Course. I got 97%. I wish I got those marks at school. I’m quite chuffed. Onward and upward. Do you think I should continue with another one like Cryptocurrency?

    I said I would tell you about my Road Sign series and where I got the inspiration from. It came from 2 places, one was an extension of my graffiti series I have been doing over the past 3 years and a COKE Vending machine by Damien Hirst. So, Damien Hirst exhibited a COKE vending machine at Gogosian Gallery and if you put £1 in, it will dispense a Signed Coke Can. So every time I see a COKE vending machine I think of Damien Hirst. That’s very clever. So I decided to do it with Road Signs and release a series of art using Road Signs so that every time you guys see road signs you’re gonna think of me.  I will be launching the series at Hout Bay Gallery in July. Date to follow.

    Hout Bay Gallery with my Road Sign
    Damien Hirst’s Coke Vending Machine and signed Coke Can

    Secondary Market update:

    So weirdly one of my small prints that I sell on my shop for R2000 sold on auction this week for R24 000. Yes, that’s Twenty-Four Thousand Rand. I immediately took them off my website because I need to speak to the powers that be and take advice on how to proceed. I don’t want to compete with Auction Houses. I have a strategy that I have been wanting to implement and I will be flying to Johannesburg on Thursday to discuss it. I will report back.

    Auction Results from last week

    I said I would give you some details about the Richard Scott splash art bicycle. I acquired two bicycles, one from Christoff Sauser, his 2014 season racing bike and Kevin Vermarks 2016 Absa Cape Epic Bicyle, the bicycle he used to ride his first Epic. I took the frame from Christoff’s Specialized S-Works and the rest is off Kevins S-Works bicycle; The forks, wheels, handle bars, seat and components. I approached Jarred at BMC to do the artwork and bingo here it is in its glory. The bike went on display in 2017 in the ABSA VIP tent at the ABSA Cape Epic.

    Richard Scott Splash Bicycle and 2m x 2m Splash Painting

    On Friday Mark Gold, the famous South Africa Jeweller, came to visit me at the shop in Woodstock. We are working on some really cool projects from rings to watches. This series will be revealed in July. Mark dropped off the prototypes and the launch was discussed.  The press release will follow. Your gonna love it.

    More to follow

    I donated blood on Friday morning. I was first in the queue at 8am. Its was quick. I suggest you also donate as there is a shortage of blood in South Africa.

    Donating blood to help others in need. The blood bank should pay people. That way there will not be a shortage.

    Joanne and I went on our beach run this morning. It was really tough and I had to go slow as I was not allowed to do any strenuous exercise within 48hrs after donating blood. Joanne blitzed it.

    We live such a wonderful life. Spot the haircut. No FADE unfortunately

    The kids were here for the weekend and Saturday night we played Skip-BO. Its basically the granny version of UNO. The guys prefer playing it because I’m so good at UNO. Well I’m good when we play by my rules. LOL. That’s always a big thing in the family and always the first question: “Dad, are we play by your rules or the real rules” I’m laughing even as I type this.

    Angelina taking a break from studying Math.

    Richie brought me 8 new 3D prints. Check out the shop to get yours. Each print takes 24hrs to print. there are 10 girls in 10 colours.

    3D Prints

    Richie working on the HONDA today. He managed to remove the piston. Proud Dad as you have to, as a man, at least dismantle one engine in your life. Here he is with the tiny piston he removed.

    Ok guys that’s it for the week. I’m gonna plan my week ahead and put another log on the fire and put my feet up. Can anyone recommend a good Netflix series. We need a new one.


  • Richard Scott : 29th May 2022


    It’s been one of those weeks where I was very positive Monday to Wednesday and then on Thursday morning my soul was still in bed till the afternoon while my body was wondering around Cape Town. It lasted all the way to Friday evening. Saturday all was back to normal. I think it’s due to finishing the UCT course and not been driven to get results. I also messed up the crate for the Vespa Artwork. That really pissed me off. I should not be learning schoolboy lessons at 53 years young. One of those jobs I should have outsourced. It ended up costing me ½ the price to outsource it.

    I needed a haircut this week and didn’t go. That’s how busy I was. I’m thinking of going for a fade. Mid-life crisis. I’ve had a few of those mid-life crises like when I road 3 ABSA Cape Epics. Next week I will chat to you a bit about this bicycle Artwork:

    Details next week

    Work wise, I spent 4 days going in and out of the Shop in Woodstock, this week, for various reasons from staff meetings to packing art for clients in Germany and Johannesburg. To discussing opening a Richard Scott Gin Bar. Let’s see.

    I finished off 3 more works for my Road Sign Exhibition in July at Hout Bay Gallery. Here are some teasers. Next week I’ll tell you the genius behind why I decided to do this series.

    Road Sign on the N1 just outside Cape Town

    So last week I did nothing on my UCT Social Media course until the last minute. I had to cram 12 hrs of studying and homework into Monday morning. Blah. I managed to do it just in time.

    I really learnt a lot in the last 8 weeks and I am thinking of doing the 6 Week Crypto Currency Course before I delve into the world of NFT art. I’m definitely sending Angelique on the 9-week Sales Course. The GetSmarter courses are awesome.

    Me studying, so funny.

    Joanne and I cooked together every night this week but they were small meals to snack on. However, today we went a bit bezerk. We cooked Lasagne, Pea and Bacon Soup, Spinach and cheese quiche and I tried to make my Mom’s famous Egg and Bacon pies. Then we cooked another Apple Crumble. Still waiting for all the kids to arrive for lunch and consume it all.

    Master Chefs 101

    Tried to make my moms Famous Egg and Bacon pies. They taste the same. LOL

    It was my younger sister’s, Angela’s,  birthday on Saturday – she turned 51 and I know her husband, Stuart, spoilt her which my warms my heart.

    I struggled the whole week with Wordle. I had to give up 4 times. Very frustrating. Even todays word: BAYOU. Never heard of it.

    On Thursday Angelique and I had lunch with Les Sweidan of THE HIGH ROAD Wines. We are working on a co-lab. Watch this space. We had lunch at Pane E Vino in Stellenbosch. Now if you know Pane E Vino then skip to the next paragraph. Pane E Vino is like Magica Roma in Pinelands,.It is owned by George and Elanor Dalla Cia. Its like walking into a friend’s house in Italy. You know the people well and the food is like mamas. George’s dad Gorgio was there. I had the honour of dining with him a few times. Gorgio is famous for creating arguably South Africa’s No.1 blended wine: Meerlust Rubicon. If you ever get to meet him ask him about his Italian Grappa Story and how he ended up in South Africa and finally having his own Grappa Distillery in Stellenbosch. It’s a fascinating and wonderful story.   The Dalla Cia Grappa is second to none.

    Les and me drinking his amazing wine

    Secondary Market update:

    So, the only way to get your prices stable and to increase on the Secondary Market, i.e Auction Market, is to die. Well I’m still very much alive so I decided to not paint on canvas anymore, only as a commission. This tactic of reducing the supply, will push up the demand, right? Well let see. So if you want an original painting on canvas, for example, A Gold Money Tree 100 x 100cm, you need to go to the secondary market and wait until a piece comes up. The challenge for me is to not oversupply either market. COVID didn’t help me or my secondary Sales. COVID stopped the tourists, my number one market (Europeans with EUROS at 17 to 1) and COVID put a lot of people out of work, especially in South Africa, where our government does not have the resources like Germany and the Netherlands where the government paid people 80% of there income, including companies. So, collectors in South African suffering from the three D’s: Divorce, Death and Debt took to selling off their Jewellery, art and 2nd properties. More next week. I think that’s enough to chew on.

    Gold Money Tree, 100 x 100cm

    And just like Friday came and the week was over.

    Saturday Joanne and I chilled and caught up with house stuff. Ironing and fixing doors etc.

    Saturday evening, Joanne and I and her son Dean and his girlfriend Daniella, went to go see Angelina do her dance with Theatre Arts in Observatory. Quite an honour to watch your daughter dance with the best. She did 2 main features and it was a pleasure to watch her and all the other dancers. Proud Dad stuff.

    All the dancers taking a bow at the end of the show. Angelina in white.

    Sunday is here and I’m typing to you. All the food is prepped for the week for the hungry kids and I’m gonna pour myself a Woodstock Brewery pill and watch the Monaco GP. I used to watch all the GP’s back in Alonso’s days. But now I just watch the highlights on Monday morning and or course the Monaco GP.

    Ok, see you next week.


  • Richard Scott : 22nd May 2022


    Ok, let’s try this Blog with some photos. Please let me know if they work for you.

    Winter is here to stay now in our home in Melkbos as the fire burns all day long. I go through 5000 pieces of Blue gum wood every winter and were well into the first 1000.

    Monday I decided, for some strange reason to make Pickled Cabbage. I added in some chilli sauce I got from the Chinese shop and it was delicious. Joanne and I eat small meals and most nights we make yummy platters of pickles, humus, cheese, olives and occasionally a treat form Giovani’s in Greenpoint with Pickled Octopus, Delmados and grilled artichokes.

    Cabbage and onion and green tomatoes in chilli oil, brown vinegar and pickel spice

    Tuesday, I got 67% for my second last module on my UCT Social Media Course. It’s because I answered the first question wrong and it was one of those questions that the subsequent questions form part of that answer. Don’t you just hate those questions. Blah…

    On Wednesday was another admin day but I enjoyed the fire and rain. Last week I said I would talk a little about the Secondary Market in my career.

    Secondary Market update:

    In 2011 three of my artworks appeared in an auction house catalogue. I was a bit pissed off because I wanted this only to happen a few years later. But none the less it was an honour to be alongside William Kentridge, Robert Hodgins and Andy Warhol. So, I decided as part of my strategy, way back in 2005, that I would not paint as much anymore once my art appeared in the Secondary Market because I did not want to compete with that market. Essentially, it is amazing to have achieved this status because if I die my art will continue to sell and trade and exchange hands through the secondary market which is linked to a saying by Andy Warhol “The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will”. Next Sunday I will delve a little deeper and explain further.

    As a foot note; one of my prints: Candy Uma sold at Russell Kaplan Auctioneers this week for R30 000. Go figure!

    Thursday, I bumped into my friend Dion Bing at my shop in Woodstock and we decided to do a monthly sit down and talk to each other and either Blog it or You Tube it. We are both in the same entrepreneurial space and I think it will be valuable for both of us and aspiring young artists and presenters. News to follow.

    On Thursday I put together the Vespa Metal Magnetic piece for the owner of Vespa. Its duco-ed 2mm mild steel and assembled with Neodymium magnets. It is going to Johannesburg to be installed this week. I love it.

    My Yellow Joyride – 180 x 120cm, 2mm Mild Steel with Car Duco and Neodymium Magnets.
    This image shows you the upper and lower panels and pieces before assembly.

    FOH went in for and MPI this week. If you don’t know what that means here
    goes: Some of you may not know but I own an Aeroplane. It’s a 2-seater Sling I bought it for Richie some 4 years ago for him to learn to fly in. It’s licence number is FOH and an MPI a service an aircraft must have every 100 hours. So, if you want to become a commercial Pilot, it is cheaper to buy an aeroplane compared to renting one to get the 2000 flying hours needed to get your Commercial Piolets licence. When Richie gets his Instructors Pilots Licence I might go for my Private Pilot’s Licence so I can fly FOH.

    Friday, Joanne and I saw the Higgovale house. It’s perfect for us, but it’s
    on Kloof Neck Road which is quite noisy. So we’re in two minds.

    Who wouldn’t want to live here?

    Yesterday, Joanne and I went Mushroom foraging in Newlands forest and BINGO! We found a lots of Pine Mushrooms while foraging off the beaten path and enjoyed every minute in the forest. We raced home and cleaned them and cooked them as a topping to a nice Sirloin. The mushrooms tasted a little bit bitter, we not sure why and we need to do some research on how to cook them.

    Pine Mushrooms on a log
    Our Catch

    Today were having a lazy day at home. No kids in the Melkbos mansion. We also made a nice Chicken and Mushroom pie and some 4 Bean soup. We cook so well together. We are both very experimental and push the boudaries of recipes.

    Best Chicken pie ever and best bean and bacon soup ever.

    Friday and Saturday I had a POP-UP gin bar at my Woodstock shop with some
    Gems of art from my studio. Only a handful of people rocked up. Angelique, Chad and I are guessing it’s that time of the month when no-one has money and to top it off it did start raining. We all know the locals dont like going out in the rain. This Friday (after payday) we will give it another go. If you couldn’t make it last weekend pop in this coming weekend at my shop in Woodstock which will allow people to come look at and purchase all the Studio Experimental Art that I have produced over the last 20 years which is being made available for the first time. I will email you the
    details Wednesday. For those of you like Jean Hermans who dont live in Cape Town email angelique@richardscott.com for images of artwork available.

    Richard Scott Gin at the new Richard Scott Gin Bar

    Until next week


  • Richard Scott : 15th May 2022


    I couldn’t believe the reaction to the blog I sent out last Sunday. More that 30 people mailed me back with comments. And 2 people even phoned me. Thanks guys. One comment was to put in pictures. I didn’t want to do this as I want you to paint your own picture in your own mind of what I’m describing. Let’s see next time. Send me your thoughts. Pictures? YES/NO

    This week was great. Monday morning, I broke my Wordel Record and got it in two rows. My first word was HEIST then SHINE. If you don’t know what Wordle is GOOGLE it. It’s a great way to communicate with your kids on WhatsApp every day and challenge them.

    I got another 100% for my social media course Module 5 – Advertising on Social media. Only 3 weeks left on the course. I’m thinking of starting a social media company. The lesson I took out of the Module was that Social Media Platforms are holding us all to ransom. I can post something and they will first feed other sponsored pages to my followers before my content. They have therefore built this platform for me to expose my brand and product and life but the majority of my followers will only see my content if I BOOST it.

    Drivers licence update: On Tuesday both my UK and South African driver’s licences arrive on the same day. The UK one has a Union Jack on it as opposed to the European flag. LOL

    Reporting back on the Tyvek paper wallets I want to do. Robin Sprong couldn’t print on the paper. It seems we need to find a flat bed printer. I need to GOOGLE that – any ideas?

    I was listening to the radio and heard that Cape Town is the 3rd best city in the world for tourists to visit. Quite a strange contrast to a country where 10% of the people own 80% of the wealth. There was quite a big debate. As you know artist like me rely on tourism so it was a bitter sweet moment as there are still very few tourists.

    On Wednesday I had an Admin day. You know those days, emptying your inbox, filing invoices and photographing slips for Quickbooks so the Auditors can track income and expenses. Marco Garbero came to visit me in the afternoon at home. We talked Richard Scott art on the Secondary Market (Auction Houses) and where I’m going with that. Its quite a fascinating subject. I feel very honoured that I managed to tick that box off while I’m still alive i.e my art appearing at Auctions and the Secondary market where I have no control over. Therefore, if I die the engine is already running and my art will be remembered forever. Next week I will explain in a little more detail.

    Thursday, I had a nice long telephone chat with James AA Thompson. My UK art dealer and one of my 5 best friends. I haven’t travelled to the UK for 3 years now. Quite weird considering I use to go for 10 days every 6 weeks. Emirates have downgraded me from Gold to Silver. James and I were discussing my art as a Fund and we started the conversation about the works in my private collection. Quite fascinating as James comes from an investment background. Ill tell you more as it happens.

    Erik Kleinhans eventually decided to hang the 5 lighthouse I did with artist Ignatius Marx in his restaurant in Stellenbosch. I’ll send a pic once he’s opened and there are patrons on the seats and food on the tables.

    I put together 3 more Magnetic Sculptures this week and took them to the shop in Woodstock on Thursday and hung them up. They looked so well together.

    Yesterday Joanne and I went Mushroom foraging in Stellenbosch be we found nothing. We think we need to go closer to the mountains. We saw a north facing pine forest and it rained 2 days earlier so the conditions were right but no Pine mushrooms. I guess there was no mycelium under the ground. All we managed to forage was pinecones.

    Richie my son passed his Instruments Exam, the 4th out of eight Exams to get his Commercial Pilot Licence. So, he is halfway. Angelina, my daughter got chosen at Artscape this week to do a solo dance in the Performance LEAL end of May with New World Dance Theatre. Very proud dad.

    Today was a lazy day. We saw an awesome place for sale in Higgovale. Perfect house for us. We will go see it in the week it might be the one.

    This Friday and Saturday coming I’m having a POP UP at my shop in Woodstock which will allow people to come look and purchase all the Studio Experimental Art that I have produced over the last 20 years which is being made available for the first time. I will email you the details Wednesday.

    Until then.


  • Richard Scott : 8th May 2022


    I have decided to write a weekly blog about myself, both personal and my art career. This is my first blog. Please excuse me for being all over the place but I have so much to tell you and sometimes I will waffle on and some weeks I will be short and blunt but as the weeks go on I am sure there will be a structure that forms. Let’s just get one thing straight from the beginning: you are going to have to excuse my spelling and grammar as I am dyslexic.

    This week I had to renew my British drivers license so I went online and did it and renewed it in 10 minutes and it will be delivered in 10 days. I have been waiting more than 3 months for my South African drivers license.

    On Tuesday I finished off the final part of the Vespa Magnetic Sculpture. I got Water Jet to etch my r i c h a r d signature into the lower panel and sent it off to get sprayed with Brandon. Pics to follow on Instagram shortly.

    I received an order from Walkerbay Gallery in Hermanus for a number of prints and dinky works. They were completed and shipped.

    I got a commission piece for a 100 x 100cm candy work. I asked my son Richie to 3D print me a r i c h a r d stamp and he did but I forgot to ask him to reverse print my name r i c h a r d so when i stamped the painting, it came out as d r a h c i r my name speLlt backwards. It’s ok I love it. From now on I will use the reverse stamp. Those of you that know will remember that the first ever r i c h a r d stamp was the same.

    On Wednesday I sent some Tyvek paper samples to Robin Sprong. Robin does my wallpaper. The Tyvek paper samples are for the new Richard Scott Wallets I want to launch. Pics to follow.

    I met with my lawyers last week. I have a dispute with a wall and my neighbor. Ill elaborate on this as I go. I never thought I would be a victim of the shitty law system and rules.

    If you don’t already know, I am six weeks into a UCT (University of Cape Town) course on Social media. Its quite hectic and I feel so cool at 53 years old and going back to school. I got 46% for my introduction module and I got such a fright that I have subsequently got 100% for my first 4 modules and I must tell you: social media is going in the wrong direction. I’ll also elaborate on this next week or as I go along.

    On Thursday I popped into the Desmond Tutu Foundation as they want me to hang up the Art I did with the Arch for the up and coming Elders Annual meeting on and around the 23rd May. I need to to scramble a bit and collect the paintings from various locations and make it happen.

    Friday, Joanne came home with some yummy duck spring rolls and a nice bottle of Haute Cabre Pinot Noir and we watched movies and fell asleep on the couch – it was sooo good.

    Saturday, I met with the famous mountian biker Erik Kleinhans who runs CANYON cycles in South Africa. He’s crazy enough to open up a restaurant in Stellenbosch and wants me to showcase my art on the walls. More news to follow. We took Joanne’s son Dean to his Stellenenbosh University open day. He starts next year. Joanne and I had some time to kill so we popped in to visit Erica and Spook in Somerset West. Erica and I were supposed to do the Absa Cape Epic in 2012 and she subsequently became my cycle coach. Erica and her husband Spook became good friends of mine and I eventually completed an Epic with Spook in 2017. It was really great to see Erica again.

    Afterwards we went to Bertus Basson’s Burger joint De Vrije and had the best burger in the world and a yum yum soft serve ice cream cone.

    Today Joanne and I are doing stuff around the house and cooking banana bread and are having a yummy fillet braai. I just finished my assignment for module 6 of my UCT social media course and came up with this idea to blog.

    Today Joanne and I searched for some properties as we want to live closer to Cape Town.

    So now I sign off and catch you next week.

    Bare with me…